Production/Post Harvest

We harvest fruit from the trees in our ginkgo orchard in May.

The plump fruit fall to the ground and we collect them up and ripen them for a few days.

Once the flesh is soft enough, we pass the fruit into a long barrel washer. There, jets of pure water wash the remaining flesh off the nuts as they pass through.

We store the nuts at low temperature to keep them fresh.

Just before packaging and despatch, we blow dry them to bring out their natural blonde colour.

We pack them in recyclable punnets and they are ready for despatch to you.

Keep your ginkgo nuts fresh in the fridge. Check here for great ginkgo recipes or just microwave and eat them straight from their shells.

After harvest, our orchard becomes a stunning autumnal scene as the ginkgo trees turn a beautiful golden yellow.

For more information about the production process, please contact us.